We provide services from A to Z to cover your individual requirements.

Design & Draft

This is where the designs for the new clothing line are created and the necessary materials and colors are selected. Our designers at Istanbul Factory work closely with our customers to create individual and fashionable designs. We use the latest trends and technologies to ensure that each product meets our high quality standards.

Fabric Selection & Consultation

Istanbul Factory works with trusted suppliers to source the best fabrics for our products. We pay careful attention to quality, durability and sustainability to ensure that our customers enjoy their products for a long time.

Print & Embroidery

Our in-house textile print shop offers a wide range of printing techniques, including screen printing, lithography and digital printing. With these techniques, we can perfectly realise your wishes in terms of design and colour. In addition to printing, we also offer the option of embroidering your garments. Here, we work with high-quality cords and pay attention to excellent quality.
By offering both printing and embroidery in-house, we simplify and improve your production possibilities. Let us inspire you and design your garments entirely according to your ideas.

Branding & Labeling

Branding and labelling are important parts of the production of clothing. We offer you the possibility to add your own branding to your products. This can be done by applying labels, patches or logos. Through these measures you can ensure that your products are uniform and recognisable. We are also happy to support you in the creation of a suitable logo.

Quality Audit

Before the garments are shipped, they are thoroughly checked for quality and workmanship. This includes, among other things, checking the seams, prints and patches, as well as checking for any defects or flaws. Only after a successful quality check are the garments packed and shipped. 

Strategy & Foundation

As Istanbul Factory, we offer our customers not only first-class production facilities, but also comprehensive support in the establishment and development of their business. We support you in the development of your logo design, advise you on cut and pattern development and also assist you strategically. Through our networks and partners in online marketing and website development, we are able to offer you complete support on your way to success. Take advantage of our experience and expertise and get started with Istanbul Factory.

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